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MyMountainTown's Avatar
MyMountainTown replied the topic: #1 01 Jun 2015 17:12
Hello Deborah!

Our apologies for the delay in replying, there have been some very strange technical glitches happening with trying to reply to this post all afternoon, it's been a fun challenge for us. :) We've sent you an email with additional details, but you are welcome to set up a second business account!

To add a second account, you'll just need a different email address (our system doesn't allow using the same email for multiple accounts), and we recommend that you fit as much of your business name in as the username with no spaces between words because your username becomes the Profile Page url.

To upload an image, you click the 'Add File' button just below the dialog box, find the image in your files on your computer and double-click to select (the file types accepted display if you hover over the 'Add File' button, and they can be any width and height but our site will automatically re-size them to 800 pixels wide if they are wider than that), but must be less than 1MB in size - the smaller the better as they load faster. Once you see the image file name in the 'Attachments' box below the dialog box, you can click Insert to display it in your post, or leave it as an attachment that people can click on to enlarge. You can follow the tutorial posted in our FAQ Forum or give us a call and we'd be happy to walk you through the process! Our number is 720-608-0285.

Thank you for adding your business to our Online Directory here on my Mountain Town!
Desgr1's Avatar
Desgr1 replied the topic: #2 01 Jun 2015 13:10
I am already registered on MountainTown, but I don't have my business registered. Do I need to register separately for my business?

Also, how do I post an image in ads? I did it before, but can't remember.

Thank You,
Deborah Nansel
Interior Elements
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